LAKMÉ Inspired Haircare

A family of entrepreneurs who one day launched an ambitious project to create high-quality haircare products, with the aim of contributing a new vision to the global market of hairstyling professionals.

A decade later, the Lakmé project has reached extraordinary levels: our products are sold on the five continents and our way of understanding haircare and beauty is becoming a point of reference.

We are witnesses to a society that is more and more expert every day and which examines both the excellence of the products and the values of the brands. We are satisfied to see that the clients of hair salons on the five continents identify more and more closely with our ideals: the search for hair beauty through health, the therapeutic potential of the natural ingredients, the potential of a cosmetic that assimilates the characteristics of each hair fiber, the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean and the recognition of the world’s ethnic and social diversity.

Our next challenge is to maintain our total commitment to these values and continue to meet the demands of our great international team of professionals. We believe in the potential for interaction of our stylists, constantly en route between the great capitals of fashion and innovation. Now, it is a question of fomenting this source of inspiration and knowing how to make the most of its capacity to generate ideas. Because in ideas lie the seeds of what the profession will be like in the future.